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Therapeutic Massage

At Savanna Massage we strive to give the very best care that is both professional and personal.  Being a small operation we focus on giving individual attention to every client and create treatment plans based on specific needs.  Our massage care is both relaxing and therapeutic designed to treat the whole person rather than just isolated symptoms.  We hope that you find your experience with us to be positive and beneficial. 

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Appointments are made with an extra 15 added on to the first massage for an initial consultation.  Therapeutic Massage and Prenatal Massage requires a short phone consultation prior to the session to ascertain any additional items that might be needed to add to a session.

Cancellation policy

Please give us 24 hours minimum notice for any cancellations.  If a same day cancellation is made there must be a valid reason or there will be a $10 charge added to your next bill.

Groupon Clients:  If you are over 20 minutes late for your appointment without a valid reason and/or prior communication your voucher will be redeemed with no further compensation. Missed Appointments: Your voucher will be redeemed without further compensation and we will not rebook without a valid reason for the missed appointment.

Regular Clients: If you are over 20 minutes later without a valid reason and/or prior communication we will add the lost time to your next massage session. Missed Appointments: If you miss an appointment without giving a valid reason either prior to or after the appointment the cost of the session will be added to your next massage session. Grace is given at the discretion of the owner.

We reserve the right to deny treatment to anyone who might be a liability to our practice.  This includes but does not limit to any forms of discrimination, endangerment or unsolicited attention.

We are committed to giving you the most professional and courteous service possible and only ask for respect for the industry and our employees to be returned in kind. 

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