Massage Therapy and Wellness


At Savanna Massage we offer competitive rates for our massage work but we do not undercut our prices because we believe that the individual attention we give each client is of high value and worth the expense. However, we are always willing to work with special situations so that everyone can experience the wonderful health benefits that massage therapy can offer. We offer monthly specials through our Facebook page and on our discounts page there are several additional ways you can save.


Therapeutic Massage
We do not offer Swedish or deep tissue massage. Every client has different needs and we base each treatment plan on each individual need. A therapeutic massage focuses on listening to the body and working deeper where it is needed and lighter in others to promote relaxation.

First Two 60 Minute Sessions $35
60 minutes $65
80 minutes $80
90 minutes $90
We also offer weekly and bi-weekly rates which are discounted if a more intensive treatment plan is needed because of an injury.

Biweekly 60 minutes $55

Weekly 60 minutes $50

Package pricing available upon request.

Prenatal Massage
Our prenatal massages are priced a bit higher than a traditional massage because of the extra materials and licensing needed to perform prenatal massage.
60 minutes $65

Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage is a great massage treatment for those suffering from joint stiffness or pain. The heat and pressure from the stones soothes aching muscles and provides gentle yet effective relief from pain caused by arthritis.
Not recommended for anyone with inflammation or pregnant women.
We do not offer hot stone in the months of June/July/August.

Mobile Massage
Let us bring a brief respite from the busy workday to you. We offer chair massage options for businesses to help promote a healthy lifestyle option to their employees
Hourly rate $65

Travel charge $10

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